Eating right is easy if you know how.

Keep in mind that these notes that I present below are tips for the general population. There are exceptional cases for physiological reasons, and exceptional cases due to personal preferences. The first cases can be affected by medical, genetic or pathological conditions. The latter can generate exceptions with priorities such as tastes or preferences such as vegetarians, vegans, and fish-vegetarians, who do not eat meat of their own choosing.

For each case there is a different program, not to mention the goals (regulate cholesterol, regulate weight, reduce fat, increase muscle mass, and a long etcetera). So at an informative-general level these are good guidelines to follow if you do not suffer from allergies and if you want to eat healthy.

The supply must be varied to function properly. To be effective, priority must be given to assimilation capacity. If this fails we will be wasting the nutrients and causing intestinal problems that can lead to vitamin deficiencies, fluid retention, general fatigue, liver damage, loss of muscle mass, ..

Avoid monotony in the diet and also food mixtures that are not well digested together (flour and dairy, for example). Be very attentive to how your body reacts to various foods.

It is important that the fluid intake is high, to avoid the accumulation of metabolic toxins and fluid retention. The amount of liquid will be given based on weight, age, gender and level of daily physical activity, but it will range between 2 and 3 litres of water.

Never skip a meal !!! Between each meal let 3 hours pass, maximum 4! During this period, most of the liquid must be ingested.

Food will be eaten cooked, grilled or grill, baked or raw. As condiments use lemon, olive oil, tomato or mustard.

Absolutely prohibited: Eating bread with cheese. No pizza or other flour derivatives. Neither are refined sugars such as industrial pastries and soft drinks. No chips, candy, cakes, fast food, or conventional ice cream.

I like to say that if what you’re about to eat did not fly, swim or run, or felt from a tree, DO NOT EAT IT.