Exercise without increasing muscle mass

… it is possible if the activity is done in the appropriate way and with the precise intensity for this. Calculating and making sure carbohydrates or proteins aren’t excessive. This is really important in your goal to not gain volume when you workout.

Tips to follow:

The principle is to do a lot of cardiovascular activity and few or no weights exercise.

Women usually worry more about the fact of not gaining muscle mass when exercising. It is necessary to point out that, by nature, women develop muscles less than men, so the exercise would have to be very intense for the muscles to really grow.

On the other hand, also in relation to the subject of muscle mass, do not worry if during the first days or weeks of starting to exercise notes that slightly increase your weight. Muscle fibres weight three times more than fat, so this process is natural.
Elliptical is one of the most suitable machines if you want to exercise without increasing muscle mass. It is preferable that you do it at low intensity and for longer, not in a few minutes at a high rhythm if you want to get your goals.

Swimming is another sporting sport to exercise without gain muscle mass. If you practice it exclusively and very intensely, you run the risk that the upper train develops more than the lower one. To avoid it, combine it with another type of activities and practice all the swimming styles that are affordable.

Hiking is highly recommended if you live in an urban environment to take a periodically contact with nature, it is also an excellent way to exercise without gaining muscle mass.

To exercise without gaining muscle mass you should always try to do it with little to no-weights. so that the muscles are not subjected to a very intense effort that cause the increase of undesirable muscle mass.

I hope these “tips” are helpful and if they have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave it in the box below.

Greetings from The Coach.