Improve your running technique

Proper running technique does not come from just logging miles. Unfortunately, over the years, our motor skills begin to deteriorate. On account of very supportive or cushioned shoes, well-paved roads and paths and a largely sedentary lifestyle, our bodies are losing the muscle tension necessary to perform the movements involved in running.

  • Get to know your running form. If you know how you run, you can work on your weak areas. These kinds of analyses are offered, for instance, by sports scientists, or you can seek the advice of a running coach. Sometimes, it is also helpful if you have a friend film you running, so you can watch your own sequence of movements.
  • Run upright. Try to stretch yourself to your full height when running (i.e. running tall). This engages your core, shifts your pelvis into an upright position and reduces the tension on the iliotibial band.
  • Optimize your coordination. You can do this by regularly getting off paved roads and paths and running cross-country through fields and woodland. This off-road running improves your overall body coordination and boosts your running motor skills.

Improve your dynamics and form with hill sprints
For hill sprints, you need about a 100-meter incline in your running route. Sprint up this incline at 85% effort and use the downhill to start your recovery. Do 6 to 10 rounds. When you run uphill, you are forced to lift your knees higher, which in turn makes your running style more effective. The power comes directly from your push off, and your center of gravity automatically shifts farther forward. Driving your arms also helps power you up the hill. All these things improve your technique. And although inclines are quite intense, they are a very effective tool for increasing your speed.

Pd: On photo, Athlete and Professional Trainer, Nuria Martinez Boldú 🏃🏻‍♀️ Instagram @nmhealthcoach