Welcome everyone!

We are in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis worldwide, on March 25.

Today I have decided, today I make my first blog !! A pending subject, I always wanted to do it but I never found the moment of inspiration but if I ever found it I was an idiot in not giving it continuity. Why? Because in the simple act of writing, you hear your voice inside your head while trying to put the words in order so that the readers understand. Basically to communicate. I heard a very good definition of “what communication is” long ago, and it said:

                         “Communication is the ability to understand and be understood.”

And how true it is! If the message is not clear the receiver (subject to whom the message is addressed) will not receive / understand it, and there will be no fluent communication.
Because today? You might wonder. Well, it is time to put all the bits of information that I have been accumulating to which we will add the rabid news of the industry. Always trying to remain receptive to any comment, criticism or congratulation on what I am writing and, of course, humble to learn from the experience of my readers who I hope over time will be many. I cordially welcome you to participate and share.

The Coach.