Hello everyone, I am Manel or as I have been “affectionately baptised”, The Coach.

Born in Sabadell, in the summer of ’82, I was always curious about the world (the world as a pot of cultures and catalog of landscapes) and interested in sports. I studied high school and university between Spain and the United States, and I have developed a large part of my professional career in Miami, where I have lived for 14 years. Now I am happily living in Sabadell, with my family and my childhood friends, and doing what I like the most.

I am a physical trainer, it is what I have been doing for more than a decade between the United States and Spain. But until I found this profession, I have gone through several (many) jobs of different kinds. From warehouse clerk in a plastics factory, travel agent, and waiter for three days, to entrepreneurial owner of my own nutrition and health company with worldwide sales.

Without going into more details, because it is not the purpose of this blog to talk about me, I say goodbye until next time!

The Coach.